Private Party

Private Party

Private parties are the most intimate and personal experience Invitation to Dine has to offer. Intended for between 2 and 4 guests, this experience allows the Chef and their guest’s two amazing options. The guests can sit and spend time with the Chef as they prepare each round of our traditional four course menu while sampling and chatting with the Chef or the guests may retire to the dining room and the Chef will serve all four courses to the table as the guests can take time to socialize in between and during each course.


  • Phone Call

    The guest requesting the part will have a phone call with their chef to set a party date and to determine a menu.

  • Invite List

    At that time, the guest will present the names of the party attendees and any dietary restrictions they may have.

  • Menu Review

    The following day the Chef will return a menu for the guest to review and any adjustments can then be made.

  • Kitchen Review

    The chef and the guest will review the guest’s kitchen to ensure that all the proper cooking apparatus will be available.

  • Shopping

    The chef will be responsible for food shopping.

The Day Of Your Event

  • Arrival Time

    The chef will arrive between two and three hours ahead of the time designated for the serving of the first course to begin meal preparation. This includes a walkthrough of the kitchen with the guest.

  • Setting The Table

    The chef will set the table unless the client has elected to use their own place settings. There is an additional fee for the chef to provide place settings.

  • Menus

    The chef will provide a menu for each guest – this is especially important for guests with dietary restrictions.

  • Magic Happens Here

    The chef will begin food preparation and cooking.

  • Nom Nom Nom

    Each of the four courses of the meal will be served by the chef, including a description of each dish.

  • No Dishes Left Behind

    Upon completion of the meal, the chef will clean the kitchen before exiting the guest’s home.

Additional Services

  • Additional Chef(s)

    An additional chef with a particular specialty such as a pastry chef can be added to the meal preparation team.

  • Sommelier Services

    Get professional assistance matching wines and alcohol to your custom menu. (See more on sommelier services here)

  • More Courses

    When you want more courses beyond our standard four, this option is for you!

  • Place Settings

    When planning larger events, don’t worry if you do not have enough table settings for everyone. We can bring all of the dishes, silverware and glassware with us!