Batman Wedding Cake

Did You Know That We Bake Too?

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When they have no cake, you let them eat bread. But really… who wants wedding bread?

“So the signal went on and they showed up. That’s the way it’s been, that’s the way it will be.” -Commissioner Gordon (DC Comics)

And so Chef Justin, along with friend and baker extraordinaire Alyzza Ramirez, answered the call and saved the day.

Some bakers have started calling this style of cake the “mullet” cake because it can be classy in the front and party in the back. Many couples have started doing a traditional “classy” cake in the front and using the back of the cake to display their shared interests. From sports to comics and to pop culture, couples are displaying their shared passions with their friends and family on one of the most important days of their lives.

That said, the Weinstein wedding chose the opposite and shared their passion for Batman with not only their friends and family, but also their photographer.

No matter which direction you want to go, if you want your wedding catered by Chef Justin and the Invitation to Dine team, or just want an amazing wedding cake, please call us and we will figure out how we can make your special day just a little more personalized and delicious.

Legacy High School Robotics Camp

Community Contributions | Legacy Robotics Camp

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Our Executive Chef, Justin Franco, just finished up a full week of volunteering for the Legacy Robotics Camp at Legacy High School in North Las Vegas. Listen to the clip below as he discusses why he took a week off of work to feed 60 deserving kids.


  • Executive Chef Justin Franco from Invitation to Dine and Chefs for Kids.
  • Steve Soltz Chef Instructor CSN
  • Chef Angela Armstrong
  • Chef Anna Wilfling from the Aria
  • Chef Patrick Simon from Hampton Food Brokers

Donations From:

  • Chef Greg Mengert from Acosta Foods Service
  • Chef Richard Cino from Chefs for Kids
  • Frances Lopez from Optimum Healthcare
  • Goody’s Original Popcorn
  • Home Sweets Bakeshop
  • As well as private donations

The Robotics Team also collected donations from:

  • Tesla
  • Amazon
  • Panasonic

Tacos Anywhere Anytime

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Last weekend Chef Franco had the opportunity to serve for 50 at The Space but the challenge was that The Space doesn’t have a commercial kitchen and the event hosts wanted to serve hot food the entire day, so prepared plates were not an option. Thankfully, the weather was beautiful and our hosts were open to offering their guests a made-to-order street taco bar.

The typical Invitation to Dine street taco bar can be delivered anywhere and includes tortillas on the grill with three types of protein. This weekend, we offered Carne Asada, Carnitas and Chicken to all of the guests at the event.

Along with the grilled items, the taco bar offersa wide variety of chilled items to allow each guest to customize their tacos to taste. The taco bar includes Guacamole, Sour Cream, Pico de Gallo, Salsa Verde, Lettuce, Pickled Radish, Onions, Cotija, Lime Wedges and Cilantro.

Interested in having a street taco bar at your next event? Starting at $1,000 and serving up to 50, Invitation to Dine can deliver an experienced chef and everything the chef will need to make your next event one your guests will never forget.

Buffets Versus Boxed Meals

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When it comes time to eat at the office, you generally have two catering choices – a buffet or a boxed meal. While Invitation to Dine offers both services, our chefs feel strongly that you should consider a boxed meal over a buffet. Let us explain…

Your employees can pre-order from several different hot and or cold dining options, making sure that everyone can get something that they will enjoy. That’s right, unlike most boxed-meal catering, Invitation to Dine offers hot meals as well as the traditional cold salads and sandwiches. Often, the desire for a hot meal leads companies to select buffet style catering, but now they don’t have to do that just to get a hot meal.

Take a look at some of the boxed meal options Invitation to Dine has offered previous customers.

If any employee has a specific food-related need such as an allergy, their box can be 100% customized to insure that their dining requirements are met. This means no employee has to be concerned about whether or not they will be able to partake in the team meal. Often, ordering fast food like pizza for the team no longer works because of gluten or dairy intolerance. With boxed meals, that doesn’t have to be a problem anymore.

Boxed meals also eliminate food waste, overspending and messy cleanup. With our boxed meals, you don’t need to guess at how many trays you will need to feed the team or what to do with the leftover food – or worse, the concern that you didn’t order enough food to feed everyone. Each box is filled with handmade ingredients by our chefs that day and prepared to order. We also use packaging materials that are easily recycled, and all of our boxed meals can be disposed of back into the delivery bags, making clean-up a breeze.

We hope that when it comes time for you to think about feeding your team at the office, you will consider boxed meals as an alternative to the traditional buffet service. We think your employees will appreciate it. Contact one of our chefs to find out how we can support your next corporate event.

Sommelier Services

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While Invitation to Dine doesn’t service alcohol as part of any of our services, we do understand that matching food and alcohol can enhance the flavors of a meal and improve the dining experience. For Private Parties and Dinner Parties, after our chef has prepared your final menu for an additional fee, they can connect you with our in-house Sommelier who can then work with you to pair beverages of your choice to each course of your meal.

Our Sommelier will pair wine, beer or cocktails with your menu based on your preference. All the beverages that our Sommelier will recommend will be ready available locally. If you want something special, they will be happy to assist you with locating an outlet that can provide your desired beverage.

Why No Alcohol?

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There is a short and a long answer to this question and in its simplest form, the answer is we are chefs and not bar tenders. The longer answer is that providing alcoholic beverages to events requires licenses, special insurance and a need to charge exorbitant fees that we feel aren’t fair but are industry standards.

That said, we do understand that pairing an alcoholic beverage with a meal can often enhance the flavors of a dish and to that end, once your meal has been planned, we are more than happy to provide sommelier services to help you match one or all of your dishes with an appropriate beverage.